Breaking the Project into Manageable Parts

The main focus of our project was the production of a community play which would take 6 months, however we broke the project down into smaller units and made wider community links by taking certain aspects of the story and doing mini-projects along the way.

These included a family learning project in primary schools using one of the songs from the play, asking each school to make an episode for a 'soap opera' which was then broadcast online:

An historical re-enactment of the main event on the actual anniversary of the day and in the place where it happened. This required some preparation in the form of lessons in stage combat!

The actors visiting a local comprehensive school in costume to be interviewed in-role by students, who then wrote newspaper articles as if from the period. We also invited a local reporter from the Northern Echo to participate in this as a mentor for the students.


The creative team met together to ensure that each element of the production would work in concert with the others when it all came together.

We provided a synopsis of the story.

We transcribed archive documents so everyone could read them and put them on our website.

We made a list of character types.

We made a list of parts for actors:

We created a rehearsal schedule:

We prepared band parts and a vocal score for the choir: